Dr. John Manzella advises managers on ways to improve the efficiency and profitability of their company

Companies must also be cared for and monitored to avoid illnesses ranging from simple colds to deadly cancers. He writes a detailed report outlining his recommendations and works closely with management at the company to make sure they agree to and understand the proposal.
Many medical companies, especially small and medium-sized offices, hire Dr. John Manzella to advise them on accounting, labor, legal, tax, computer science, engineering, and medical matters. Let’s imagine for a moment that our company begins to feel bad, presenting some symptoms such as low sales, high staff turnover, conflicts between family members, or inefficiency in processes.
Carrying out good business management involves knowing what happens in each area of your organization. At any given time, we may be interested in expanding our services, having the services of other advisers for specialized areas that are not mastered, and interacting through different channels of our choice, among others.

Evidence-based management

Dr John Manzella establishes that to have an order in the health care processes efficiently and adequately, it is necessary to systematize a strategy of good clinical management;supported by the best scientific evidence of the moment and with the participation of professionals in the management for decision-making decisions about the patient.
According to Dr. John Manzella, the Management must be aware of everything that happens in your organization, requesting periodic reports of the tasks and efforts that have been delegated. He divides five major procedures that must be carried out: Management of the organization’s business processes, administrative accounting management, commercial management, fiscal management, and labor management.

Improve efficiency and profitability

Dr John Manzella is a professional who analyzes and diagnoses his clients’ problems independently. He also advises managers on improving their company’s profitability and efficiency and adapting to change.

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