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Silica gel sealing ring
  • Silicone waterproof ring
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Silicone waterproof ring

Classification:Silica gel sealing ring
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Product description:

Silicone waterproof ring: used for making o-ring, oil seal (outer frame oil seal), etc., suitable for general shaft seal, hole seal, fixed seal, oil seal, water seal, dustproof seal, fixed seal, mechanical seal, etc.

Product features and advantages:

1) good glossiness, no needle-eye hair edge, high precision.

2) excellent rebound function.

3). Excellent sealing effect.

4) excellent weather resistance.

5) stable raw materials and good functions.

6). Non-standard types can be customized.

7). The optimal quantity of newly opened commodity mold fee shopping mall is free of mold fee.

8). Complete type and large stock on hand.

9). Experienced skills and stable quality.

10) RoHS certification, environmental protection.

11). Meeting the needs of sustainable development.

12). The lowest price is quoted.

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